What is eVisa to Oman?

In 2018, The Royal Oman Police (ROP) launched an online visa application program for travelers. The motto of this new visa system is to allow travelers to fly to Oman and reduce the waiting period at the terminal. The eVisa to Oman is a web-based service, which offers travelers with an opportunity to apply, pay and collect the complete visa details once they have applied for it.

eVisa to Oman

This electronic system is a service that applies to travelers from all over the world. The eVisa to Oman offers several advantages as permits are easily obtained from anywhere in the world. A traveler can pay the charge online at the time of registration.

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Who requires an eVisa to Oman?

Residents of around 25 countries including their kids and spouses are eligible to acquire an eVisa to Oman in case they hold a valid Schengen visa, a valid visa of Australia, the UK, Canada, Japan or the United States, or a resident certificate of these nations.

How to get an eVisa to Oman?

A traveler can apply and collect the eVisa to Oman in a few simple steps. However, for processing the application a traveler must have a valid email address. After the application, one can finish the request depending on the requirements and then should take a print-out of the application form. The eVisa to Oman is electronically linked to the passport number of a traveler. Afterward, a traveler will have to pay the application fees by either a credit card or through an online wallet immediately. After this, the request will be sent to the traveler via e-mail. The application must be printed and submitted to the concerned officials.

After the officials have accepted the application, travelers will easily obtain an eVisa to Oman via e-mail. A traveler needs to print it out after visiting Oman and needs to present it to the concerned authorities. Travelers should possess a valid passport which should be at least six months following their arrival in Oman. The eVisa remains valid for six months from the date of entry and under no conditions, it can be expanded or adjusted as per the jurisdiction of the government. However, with a cost of 20 Omani Rials, an eVisa to Oman can be renewed.

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Validity of eVisa to Oman

The eVisa will be valid for a maximum of 30 days and in some instances, it can be extended.

How long can you stay in Oman?

Based on the entry type of an eVisa, a traveler can stay in the country for 10 or 30 days.

What’s the entry type?

The entry type can be either single (10 or 30 days) or multiple (30 days). The single entry visa shall be valid 30 days after the date of issuance, 10 days after arrival or 90 days after arrival while the multi-entry shall be valid 1 year after the date of the issuance. The Multiple Entry e-Visa must be utilized within 6 months of authorization or else it will be suspended.

When you have to apply for eVisa to Oman?

The ideal time for an eVisa to Oman is usually 30 days before the departure.

If you have to print it?

Yes, as we saw earlier, it is mandatory to keep a print-out of an eVisa once it is approved.

Apply online for an eVisa

How long your passport has to be valid?

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

If you can arrange an eVisa on arrival?

It is strongly recommended that a traveler should obtain an eVisa to Oman before their arrival in Oman instead of obtaining a visa on arrival.

If Overstay is possible in this country?

Overstaying is possible in Oman with a fee of 10 Riyals per day.

Benefits of using our ETA to Canada and our online service

Our authorization process is extremely fast and a user can obtain the eVisa straight to the email only within a couple of minutes. The entire process is very simple and there is are no hidden charges for processing an application. Our mission is consumer satisfaction and we work together to achieve this aim. All you need to is fill out the application form with all information required and pay  we will take care of the rest so you can enjoy your trip to Oman.